Welcome to Haus der Zukunft
(House of the Future)

Climate change and globalization, gene technology, species extinction and dwindling energy reserves as well as new developments in education, health, nutrition and mobility present challenges to us that make environmentally conscious management necessary in many areas of life.

Dr. Georg Winter, initiator of HAUS DER ZUKUNFT invented and developed an integrated system of environmentally oriented management. This idea was later transferred to other kinds of organization and revolutionized management methods and management culture worldwide. This is where the international movement for systematic environmentally conscious management began.

HAUS DER ZUKUNFT in Hamburg is a pioneer model and internationally recognized center of excellence for sustainable economic development. It provides protection of the biosphere through innovative and holistic solutions for institutional economics. If you want answers to complex environmental questions, this is the right place for you. The goal of every company, institution, association and player in this building is the advancement of environmentally conscious, holistic and sustainable economic development and action.

On the following pages we will inform you about HAUS DER ZUKUNFT, its creative minds, its players and projects. You can get in touch with us should you have any questions or require additional information.

Awarding Ceremony: Dr István Debreczeny gets the Dr Georg Winter-Prize 2012 in Budapest / Hungary